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For us, safety comes first.That´s why we have our own Occupational Risk Prevention Department and an external prevention service contracted with Fraternidad-Muprespa.

Our people responsible for the O.R.P. Department look after satisfying all the needs of our customers at a documentary level and, in collaboration with the Technical Departments, look after the fulfilment of all the requirements related to safety in carrying out the tasks.

That´s why the people responsible for the O.R.P. and Technical Departments have the Degree in Advance Technician in Occupational Risk Prevention in all their specialties.
Moreover, all our crane operators and drivers have, besides their required official licenses, the basic ORP course (60h) and a specific training in crane operation safety. Every once in a while, our external prevention service impart a reminder course about safety and prevention.

Finally, all our machines meet the regulations stated in the R.D. 837 / 2003 of 27th June, that regulates the ITC MIE-AEM-4 of the Raising and Handling Machines Regulation, concerning autopropelled mobile cranes.

Maxima seguridad en el trabajo.
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